Our Company was established in the year 18.11.2011 when the court “Sąd Rejonowy w Gliwicach Wydział X Gospodarczy KRS” made its registration under the full name:
based in 44-240 Żory ul. Boczna 6, VAT 651-171-38-33, REGON 242791534, KRS 0000401799

Freight transport is a field which is an integral part of transport in general .Without this kind of service, the branch of worldwide transport would develop very slowly. It is hard to keep the carriers fleet, while ensuring it profitable and constant loads. To help with it, the role is carried by forwarding services and agencies which have access to qualified shippers with many years of experience.

Our Company specializes in the transport of parts and materials for the Automotive sector of the market. We operate mainly in the countries of Western Europe (Germany and France), Scandinavia (Sweden and Denmark) and Central Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary).The above mentioned services are carried out on behalf of customers both domestic and foreign. Thanks to our previous work experience, The Board of Directors and the Staff are prepared to meet the challenging demands of the market of transport services
Since the beginning of our Company all the years ended in positive financial results which allowed us to set new goals, significantly develop our Company and acquire new Customers.

We are currently arranging transport using professional transport companies. The main type of cargo are still materials for the Automotive sector, but we also transport other goods, including those custom.

The ultimate goal of our work is the satisfaction of our contractors, as well as individual customers. We use reliable carriers along with their full involvement. We provide on time delivery, professional service, contact with qualified staff but also speed and reliability in their activities designed to meet your expectations.
The main strategic objectives of the company are:
- Purchase of own transport fleet which will enable us to expand our business.
- Expanding its portfolio in the field of transport.
- Starting cooperation with the new foreign Companies especially large forwarding services, involved in the distribution of goods.

With new and proven equipment, we can make a long-distance transport while ensuring the safety and on time delivery.

We have access to vehicles like:

  • Trucks with tautliner STANDARD trailers, tonnage 24t (length 13,60m, width. 2.45m, height. 2,65-2,80m)
  • Trucks with tautliner MEGA trailers, tonnage 24t (length 13,60m, width. 2.50 m, height. 2.98m)
  • Vehicle type BUS (Tilt) with a tonnage of 1,3t (length 4,20m width. 2.10m, height. 2,30m)
  • Vehicle type BUS (Tilt) with a tonnage of 1,3t (length 4,20m width. 2.10m, height. 2,30m)
  • Vehicle type BUS (Tilt) with a tonnage of 1,3t (length 4,20m width. 2.20 m, height. 2,30m)
  • Vehicle type BUS (Tilt) with a tonnage of 1,3t (length 4,45m width. 2.10m, height. 2,30m)
  • Vehicle type BUS (Tilt) with a tonnage of 1,3t (length 4.60 m, width. 2.10m, height. 2,25m)
  • Vehicle type BUS (Tilt) with a tonnage of 2.5 tons (length 4,90m width. 2.10m, height. 2,30m)
  • Vehicle type BUS (container) with a tonnage of 1,0t (length 3.80 m, width. 2,00m, height. 2,20m)
  • Additional Features: Elevator with a width of 200cm and 400kg capacity.
As a transport company, we use brand new IVECO trucks (Euro 6) with MEGA trailers which are equipped with the latest technological standards – XL + D&C Certificate, Multilock, Pallet Stop, Stop Bars, 550Dan Straps, non-slip mats and plastic corners.
ul. Boczna 6, 44-240 Żory
NIP: 651-171-38-33, REGON: 242791534

(0048) 32 7340660
(0048) 792 709 916
(0048) 696 431 864
(0048) 602 218 511


TimoCom: 298195
Trans: 687741

Partners Economy Sp. z.o.o
ul. Gliwicka 72, 44-200 Rybnik

+48 32 42 22 573
fax: + 48 32 422 25 73

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